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At Bobo, Digital Marketing is Not Just Business, It’s Personal

At Bobo, we approach digital marketing not just as a business but as a personal mission to help each of our clients thrive in the digital world. With a team that combines expertise with genuine care, we dive deep into understanding your unique challenges and goals. We believe every client's story is different, and that's what excites us – crafting bespoke strategies that not only meet but exceed expectations. Bobo is more than just a digital marketing agency; we are your dedicated partner in navigating the digital landscape, ensuring that every campaign and strategy is as unique as your business.

Creating Impact with Every Click.

Navigating Digital Seas Together.

Dream Big, Market Bigger.

Where Data Meets Strategy and Gets Down to Business

Hey there! We’re Bobo Digital Marketing Agency, the folks who turn numbers and charts into stories and strategies that actually mean something for your business. Born from the drive for adventure and the freedom to work from any corner of the globe, Bobo has been the digital wingman for businesses hitting the digital gas pedal since the world went online over a coffee break.

What we do is not rocket science — it’s more important than that. We’re the team you call when you want to cut through the noise and get down to the nitty-gritty of growing your business. We’re all about creating those "aha!" moments where data sparks inspiration, leading to marketing that’s not just smart, but also has heart.

Our crew? Think of us as your out-of-office partners. We’re a tight-knit band of digital nomads, creative thinkers, and number crunchers who believe that the best work comes from playing to each other's strengths. And, we’ve got the flexibility to bend, stretch, and snap into action wherever we’re needed.

Looking ahead, we’re all about staying on our toes, because if the digital world is one thing — it’s always on the move. We're here to make sure your brand doesn't just keep up but stands out.

So, why not say hello? We’d love to chat about where you are, where you want to be, and how we can help chart the course. Let’s make some waves.

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About Bobo Digital
Benjamin Debono

meet the mastermind: Ben, from big media to bobo brilliance

I’m Ben Debono, the brains and brawn (emphasis on brawn) behind Bobo Digital Marketing Agency. My journey into the realm of digital marketing began almost a decade ago, weaving through the corridors of big media companies across Australia. My experience spans managing major global brands and, in a different stride, crafting bespoke strategies for local tradies amongst many other small and medium businesses. This diverse range of projects has been my professional arena.

But why stop there, right? Combining my love for travel and a yearning for freedom, Bobo Digital sprouted as a side hustle in 2015. What started in the backseat of adventure has now taken the driver's seat as my full-time gig. My forte? Turning the data-driven magic of Google Ads into success stories for businesses big and small. I’ve climbed the digital ranks, from crafting Google Ads campaigns to orchestrating comprehensive digital strategies for global brands.

Big Agency Expertise, Small Business Heart
Here’s the kicker – at Bobo, we bring big agency expertise to the table, but our heart beats for small and medium businesses. Think of us as the David to the Goliath of marketing challenges, offering that 'big media service' charm with a personal touch.

A Bit More About Me
When I'm not demystifying data or strategising digital victories, you'll find me cheering on Arsenal – through thick and thin (mostly thin, but who’s counting?). Adelaide is where I hang my hat, but my spirit is that of being outdoors, always on the lookout for the next adventure. Dumplings? They’re my kryptonite. And when it's time to unplug, you'll catch me soaking up the sun – where the WiFi is weak, but the connections are strong.

Join Our Bobo Bandwagon
So, why not hop on board the Bobo bandwagon? Whether you're a small business dreaming big or a big business seeking a fresh perspective, we’ve got the playbook. With Bobo, it's more than just marketing; it’s about scoring goals where it matters – in growth, presence, and impact. Let’s kick off your digital journey with a strategy that’s as tailored as a bespoke suit (and just as stylish). In the digital marketing league, with Bobo, you’re always in the premier division.

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"Working with Ben and the Bobo team has been a game-changer. Their data-driven strategies have significantly boosted our online sales."

Jamie L

E-commerce Director

"Completely changed my business! Best agency I've worked with"

Nicholas G

Business Owner

"Not only have Bobo given me incredible results, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them"

Stephen D


"Bobo's approach to Google Ads is unmatched. Ben's strategies moved us to the top of search results, increasing our sales exponentially."

Sarah T

Business Owner

Since partnering with Bobo, our online engagement has soared. Ben's data-driven strategies and personalised service have made a real difference to our bottom line.

Jordan K

Plumbing Business Owner

"The insights Bobo provided transformed our marketing efforts. We've seen a remarkable increase in leads thanks to Ben's expertise."

Marcus R

Marketing Manager


Got a project in mind? Want to chat about the latest in data-driven marketing? Or simply have a few questions? We're all ears. Drop us a line, shoot us an email, or swing by for a good old-fashioned chat over coffee. Our door is always open (well, within business hours) to talk shop or just to say hi. Let's connect and see where we can take your business with the right strategy.

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