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Cushman & Wakefield: A Digital Leap with Bobo Digital


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Client Spotlight

  • Who: Cushman & Wakefield, formerly known as Smith Brothers Group, a top plumbing and services company in South Australia.
  • Objective: Carve a significant digital presence and boost lead generation in a highly competitive market.

The Digital Challenge: Despite being a leader in the plumbing sector, Cushman & Wakefield faced a significant challenge in establishing a strong digital footprint. Their need was twofold: enhance online performance and navigate the complexities of digital marketing.

Bobo Digital: Steering Digital Success

  • Strategic Deep Dive: We commenced with extensive keyword and competitor research, setting the stage for a solid digital strategy aimed at maximising goal conversions.
  • Revolutionising Google Ads: Our strategy involved a complete restructuring of their Google Ads to align seamlessly with their website, focusing on high-return areas. This was more than a tweak; it was a complete strategic overhaul.
  • Educational Synergy: The relationship between Cushman & Wakefield and Bobo Digital was not just about achieving results but also about knowledge sharing, turning them into digital marketing experts in their own right.

Striking Results

  • Web Traffic Breakthrough: Our refined Google Ads approach led to an impressive 36% contribution to overall website traffic.
  • Unprecedented Lead Growth: The results were nothing short of extraordinary – a 700% increase in leads, coupled with a 75% decrease in average cost per lead.
  • Engagement and Interaction Uplift: The website’s bounce rate dropped by 25%, signalling improved user engagement and content relevance.

The Path to Consistent Growth: The journey with Cushman & Wakefield showcased not just a steady increase in conversions but also a consistent decrease in bounce rate, underscoring our ability to create engaging and effective digital experiences.

Showing the stable increase conversions
Showing the constant decreasing bounce rate

Why Bobo Digital? Our collaboration with Cushman & Wakefield is a testament to our expertise in surpassing digital marketing objectives. Merging analytical precision with creative strategy, we ensure every campaign is a golden opportunity for growth.

Embrace Your Digital Potential: Ready for a transformative digital journey? Partner with Bobo Digital, where we don't just resolve digital challenges; we craft enduring success stories. Join us, and let's elevate your digital presence to unprecedented heights. We're more than just a marketing agency; we're architects of digital excellence.


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