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Practical Outcomes: Paid Search - Skyrocketing Conversions by 250%


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Practical Outcomes' Digital Transformation with Bobo Digital

Client Spotlight

- Who: Practical Outcomes, a renowned Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Victoria, specializing in child care courses.

- Ambition: To supercharge lead generation while maintaining cost-effectiveness in a highly competitive online education market.

The Challenge

Navigating the intricate digital education landscape, Practical Outcomes faced the daunting task of enhancing lead generation without escalating costs. The requirement was for a strategy that was not only impactful but also economically viable.

Bobo Digital: The Strategic Pathfinder

- Strategic Analysis & Optimisation: Bobo Digital embarked on a meticulous analysis and optimisation of Practical Outcomes' Google Ads account. It was an exercise in precision - identifying and implementing the most effective changes, not just any changes.

- Intent-Based Keyword Strategy: We delved into the power of intent-based keywords. This approach was rooted in understanding the specific search terms potential students used, aligning our ad strategies to meet these queries, thus ensuring higher relevance and conversion rates.

- Data Analytics Insights: Leveraging advanced data analytics, we uncovered critical insights about user interaction with the site. This information was instrumental in identifying gaps in the account and shaping a revamped strategy.

- Continuous Campaign Evolution: Our strategy was dynamic, constantly evolving based on real-time data. We ensured that Practical Outcomes' campaigns were not just managed but continuously adapted to stay ahead of industry trends.

- Asset Leverage for Maximum Impact: Existing resources, including video content, were transformed into highly effective conversion tools, resonating with the target audience and driving engagement.

Transformative Results

- Explosive Conversion Growth: The results were nothing short of phenomenal - a 250% increase in conversions within just six months, signifying not just growth but exponential advancement.

- CPA - Controlled & Efficient: Despite the surge in conversions, the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) only witnessed a modest 20% rise, showcasing our commitment to efficiency and budget mindfulness.

- Redefining Lead Generation: Our approach set a new standard in the digital education space for generating leads efficiently, leveraging intent-based keywords and data-driven strategies for maximum impact.

Why Bobo Digital?

At Bobo Digital, we excel in transforming digital marketing challenges into success stories. Our collaboration with Practical Outcomes is a clear demonstration of our ability to blend creative solutions with analytical rigour, crafting strategies that not only meet but surpass goals.

Your Path to Success

Are you ready to embark on a journey of digital excellence? Partner with Bobo Digital, and let's redefine what's possible for your business. With us, it's not just about running ads; it's about crafting a narrative of growth, adding significant value, and achieving extraordinary heights in the digital arena.


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