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Programmatic Advertising


What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. This process uses artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time bidding (RTB) for inventory across digital channels, such as digital radio, catch-up TV, display ads, and native advertising platforms. By leveraging data insights and algorithmic software, programmatic advertising allows for the placement of ads in the most optimal online spaces at the best price, all in a fraction of a second.


The Role of Programmatic in Solving Marketing Challenges

Programmatic advertising with Bobo serves as a powerful tool in addressing various marketing challenges. For businesses looking to expand their reach, we provide access to premium inventory across a range of digital mediums. This ensures your message is heard on digital radio, seen on catch-up TV, and integrated within content through native advertising, always targeting the right audience.

We solve the complexity of ad buying by streamlining the process, utilizing our internal trade desk to secure efficient and cost-effective ad placements. Our expertise in programmatic buying means that your campaigns are optimized in real-time for performance, ensuring that your ads are not just seen, but also resonate and engage with your audience.

Embrace the future of advertising with Bobo’s programmatic solutions. We’re here to navigate the digital landscape for you, utilizing every tool at our disposal to amplify your brand’s presence across the most relevant channels.


Bobo’s Approach to Programmatic Advertising

At Bobo, we embrace the sophistication of programmatic advertising to deliver your brand’s message across the most innovative and engaging platforms. We tap into digital radio streams on platforms like Spotify to connect with your audience through the power of audio. Our strategies include capturing audiences during their favorite catch-up TV shows, ensuring your brand is part of their entertainment experience.

With access to an internal trade desk, we offer unparalleled control over the purchasing of ad spaces, providing transparency and flexibility that’s hard to find elsewhere. Our team crafts and executes campaigns that span across diverse channels, including native advertising, where your brand’s message aligns with user experiences on their favorite websites and apps.

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"Working with Ben and the Bobo team has been a game-changer. Their data-driven strategies have significantly boosted our online sales."

Jamie L

E-commerce Director

"Completely changed my business! Best agency I've worked with"

Nicholas G

Business Owner

"Not only have Bobo given me incredible results, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them"

Stephen D


"Bobo's approach to Google Ads is unmatched. Ben's strategies moved us to the top of search results, increasing our sales exponentially."

Sarah T

Business Owner

Since partnering with Bobo, our online engagement has soared. Ben's data-driven strategies and personalised service have made a real difference to our bottom line.

Jordan K

Plumbing Business Owner

"The insights Bobo provided transformed our marketing efforts. We've seen a remarkable increase in leads thanks to Ben's expertise."

Marcus R

Marketing Manager


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