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Rosendorff Diamonds: Achieving 4.68 ROAS with Bobo's Strategic Facebook Ads


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Rosendorff Diamonds' Dazzling Success with Bobo Digital's Omni-Channel and Social Media Strategy

Client Spotlight

  • Who: Rosendorff Diamonds, a leading Australian retailer in luxury jewellery, renowned for their exquisite Eminence pink diamonds.
  • Focus: Targeting discerning customers in the jewellery market.

The Marketing Challenge: In a market flooded with choices, Rosendorff Diamonds faced the formidable task of standing out and driving significant purchase intent through their online platforms. They required a strategy that was not only compelling but also attuned to the nuances of customer behaviour in the luxury segment.

Bobo Digital: Crafting a Strategic Masterpiece

  • Holistic Omni-Channel Approach: We wove together a sophisticated blend of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, ensuring cohesive messaging and touch points across the customer journey.
  • Tailored Campaign Structures: Leveraging lookalikes, in-market audiences, dynamic remarketing, and Advantage+ campaigns, we targeted both the top and bottom of the sales funnel, catering to diverse audience segments.
  • Creative Ad Execution: A variety of ad formats - carousels, videos, statics - were customised for specific sales, infusing creativity and targeted appeal.

Innovative Retargeting Based on Analytics

  • Data-Driven Strategy: Our retargeting approach was underpinned by in-depth analytics, focusing on the users' buying journey. We identified patterns where customers visited the site multiple times over a week before purchasing.
  • Maximising Engagement: This insight allowed us to craft a retargeting strategy that kept Rosendorff Diamonds at the forefront of customers' minds, leading to more decisive purchasing actions.

Remarkable Campaign Results

  • Significant Sales Uplift: The campaign was a resounding success, generating 107 sales with a total revenue of $223,930.
  • Outstanding ROAS: Achieved a remarkable 4.68 return on ad spend, demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Broad Reach & High Engagement: Reached over half a million individuals, amassing 2.7 million impressions with a strong click-through rate of 4.04%.
  • Benchmark Setting: Compared to the previous spend of $62k for 88 sales, the campaign marked a substantial uplift in performance.

Why Bobo Digital? Bobo Digital's role in this successful endeavour underscores our expertise in navigating the complex landscape of luxury retail marketing. By harmonising omni-channel strategies with finely-tuned social media advertising and leveraging data analytics for intelligent retargeting, we don't just meet client expectations – we surpass them.

Embark on Your Success Journey Looking to replicate Rosendorff Diamonds' digital success? Partner with Bobo Digital, where transformative results await. Join us to redefine your brand's online presence and sales strategy, backed by our expertise in crafting compelling digital narratives.


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